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I got nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award
Liebster Award
Liebster Award

I can’t describe my past week with words… First, I was in Paris! A dream I had for a very long time. Not only that, but while I was there I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!

I heard about that award for the first time maybe 2 weeks ago. And now I’m so honored to be nominated!award

What actually is the Liebster Award? From what I read it is passed around the blogging community to new travel bloggers who have under 600 followers. It helps them to connect with each other and to provide them a stimulus to continue to write about their adventures. It’s a great inspiration for all!

The rules are simple, althouth they may be different. Here are the rules I got:

1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Nominate 10 other travel bloggers
4. Ask them 10 questions

Special thanks to Amalia Vida from and Travel & Life Writing. I don’t have the words to describe how honored I am to recieve the Liebster Award! When I first met your blog I was impressed by your “moto”: “I love travel and I love people”. This shows how great character you have and I’d be glad to meet you on the road someday! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

These are my answers to the 10 questions Amalia asked her nominees.

21. Who has been the biggest influencer in your pursuit and enjoyment of travel?

I don’t think I have an influencer to persuit the enjoyment of travel. My family never had the travelling bug. As I grew up I dreamed about going RTW but never thought it’s possible. Later in life i began to understand that everything is possible. I continue to learn that. When I met my boyfriend I gained confidence to persuit travel experiences. In this line of thoughts I think he is the reason I get out of my comfort zone and go on adventures I never thought are possible.

2. What has been a recent life-lesson you learned from traveling?

Recent life-lesson – people are generally nice and kind but you have to treat them in a way you want to be treated, you have to bring a smile on their faces without asking anything in return. There’s nothing more rewarding than a nice connection with people you never met before but made your day.

3. What’s been the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done while traveling?

The most spontanious thing? Hmm… I’m not a very spontanious person, I like planning and organizing most of my travels. I feel very confident when my plans worked out well.

4. Do you prefer to travel alone or with other people and who?

I definitely prefer to travel with others and especially with one other person – my boyfriend. He gives me the secure and the confidence I need in order to achieve my travel goals. Without him I wouldn’t be planning my next big trip. I talked with him about that many times and I’m so grateful he can give me that feeling and that push to explore and follow my dreams.

5. Have you ever traveled with a “tour group” and if so, would you recommend it?DSC_5571

I did. I traveled in Istanbul with a tour group and in some places in Bulgaria. Well it depends. If the trip is short I think it’s okay to be a part of a group because you generally don’t have much time for discovering and the tour guide will provide you the necessary info about the particular place you visit. If the trip is longer I would prefer to travel alone. That way I will make my own program according my interests and not to other 30 people’s.

6. Do you work while you travel or only travel for vacation?

For now I only travel for vacation. In the future I want to turn my travelling adventures in a lifestyle. I admire those travellers who follow their dreams by going from one place to another whenever they want  and made that their job.

7. How does traveling support other passions you have?

My passion is writing. Travelling gives me many reasons to write, reasons to develop my skills, reasons to grow constantly, to learn and to become better and better. I found out about my passion for writing just in the past 2 years when I got a job offer from an online media without even knowing what I was facing. I accepted. Luckily it was the right call. Now I persuit that passion of mine and continue to work in the industry. And this travel blog is my biggest passion and pride!

8. What about traveling inspires you?DSC_5726

What inspires me is that it gives me the feeling that everything is possible even though a while back you thought it can’t be done. When I sat in front of the Eiffel Tower for hours the most memorable thought that popped up in my head was how I was dreaming about this moment since I remember and how I thought this would never happen to me! And yet it did!

9. What was the first travel experience you ever had, how old were you, and what impact did it have on you?

I actually have this “problem”. I don’t really remember anything from my early years. As I said before my family didn’t have the travel bug, we never went on many  trips. But I remember one particular. The one big trip i remember was whit my grondmother. We were going on a trip to one town in Bulgaria together. Even though I was little and don’t have many memories from the trip itself I remember I was very hyped up afterwards. It was a big highlight in my life and talked about it years after that.

10. What is the next travel adventure you dream of experiencing?

I have one pretty big Bucket List I really want to go through. I really want to go on a trip to as many Europe countries as I can. I think my next destination will be Italy. Let’s see!

And here are my nominees (I watched mainly your followers on Facebook):

1. Lesh and Jazza from NOMADasaurus (Facebook)
2. Dawn Kealing from Life, Love and Adventure (Facebook)
3. Krista and Riley from Around the World in Baby Days (Facebook)
4. Jason and Simone from JS Living the Dream (Facebook)
5. Christine from NYC Jet-Setter (Facebook)
6. Jen and Russ from Travels with Curley (Facebook)
7. Alli from The Vintage Postcard (Facebook)
8. Mama Loves Paris (Facebook)
9. Christina and Thomas from City Sea Country (Facebook)
10. Allison from A Foodie in Europe (Facebook)

Here are my questions for you:

1. What is the one thing you miss the most when you are far away from home?
2. Do you like to plan your trips or you like the spontaneity more?
3. What is your favorite travel picture and the story behind it?
4. How do you save money when you travel?
5. What is the best tip you can give to a new travel blogger?
6. How do you choose your next destination?
7. What is the travel quote which describes your lifestyle the best?
8. What about travelling you love the most?
9. Do you think it is possible to have a job and travel the world?
10. What is the travel memory you will always remember?

I hope you’ll have as much fun as I had when I wrote my Liebster Award post! Wish you all safe and rewarding travels and blogging!


  • Katrina

    Yay, congrats! Both on the trip to Paris and the Liebster Award nomination! 🙂

    • Maria

      Thank you! I feel so honored by the nomination!

  • Amalia

    Yeah Maria! I’m so inspired reading your answers and sharing in your joy to be nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you for taking part in it. I love your answers and the questions you thought of for your nominees.
    Here is to all our traveling dreams to come true! Let me know when you are headed to Italy, cause I would love to connect you with dear friends there and wonderful places to stay.
    With Travel Love – Amalia

    • Maria

      Thank you for the kind words! I will definitely contact you when I’m going to Italy!


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