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5 Epic Adventures to Have in Corsica

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  • November 6, 2015
5 Epic Adventures to Have in Corsica

Corsica is a destination not only for the beach lovers. It is a place where you can also experience epic adventures if you are an adrenaline-seeker just like me.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea this little French paradise is something almost every travel soul is looking for. Corsica is also located very close to Italy so the Italian influence isn’t missing. Despite its beautiful beaches and relaxation options, Corsica – the birth place of Napoleon, offers some pretty epic adventures you can have while visiting the island. Here are the top 5 of them that caught my attention:

1. Island Hiking

There are many walking routs in Corsica that you can hike depending on your interests. The best thing about all of them is that they combine the best of the island. While hiking Corsica you will see the beautiful mountains and the endless mystery of the Mediterranean, the rocky beaches and quaint fishing villages, or the great nature in the heart of this picturesque island. Combine your walk with the great local food and you get the perfect little paradise for hikers. 

Bonifacio, corsica, pixabay1Image: Bonifacio, Corsica/

2. Water activities

The coastline of Corsica offers many water activities for enthusiasts. Because of its well developed tourism industry the island offers windsurfing activities, sailing, boat trips or diving. I really love kayaking so I would love to experience Corsica on a kayak, too. Water adventures can also be found inside the island such as canyoning in one of the few rivers there.

calvi-corsicaImage: Calvi, Corsica/

3. Island Cycling

Another great way to experience a destination is by bike. That’s way faster than hiking and it gives you the freedom to stop by and enjoy any beautiful scenery you see on your way. The views from some of the coastal roads can be pretty spectacular, that’s what I’ve heard. You can find some of Corsica’s most outstanding views on the road along the Cap Corse or the Calanches de Piana.

calvi, corsicaImage: Calvi, Corsica/

4. Exploring the Corsica culture

Corsica offers not only diverse landscapes but many options for exploring the rich culture and cuisine on the island. On a crossroad between France and Italy the birth place of Napoleon holds real cultural treasures. Picturesque little towns such as Sartene, Ajaccio and Calvi are a great places to start. You can make a driving route between chosen cultural hubs and make your own adventure itinerary. Some of the top cuisine treasures of Corsica you can try on your trip include the cheese, red wine and cold cooked meats called charcuterie.

Corsica, BastiaImage: Bastia, Corsica/

5. Coastal Driving

Except by foot and by bike, the beautiful Corsica coastal landscapes can be easily experienced by car as well. Driving through the island also lets you pass greater distances and see more of the island especially if you have limited time there. And who knows, you may stumble upon one of those magical sunsets in Corsica. 

Sunset-in-corsicaImage: Sunset in Corsica/Pixabay

Definitely Corsica makes it a perfect destination for adventure lovers. There are several ferry connections to Corsica from Italy and France so you can easily hop on and get to the island from these places. Visiting Corsica definitely sounds like a great idea now, don’t you think?

*This post is created in collaboration with Mamadigital but, as always, all opinions are my own.

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